Malua BioBank has an Advisory Committee, comprising local and international environmental groups and scientific experts providing guidance on technical aspects of conservation and independent oversight of the project.

Sabah’s Biodiversity Experiment, In the Heart of Borneo
Malua is the home of the South East Asia’s premier rainforest research project known as the Sabah Biodiversity Experiment, which is a long-term study aiming to understand the relationship between tree species diversity and the functioning of rainforest during restoration following selective logging.

The Heart of Borneo Initiative is a tri-lateral agreement between the three governments (Malaysia, Brunei & Indonesia) of Borneo to support conservation and sustainable development across 220,000km2 of contiguous rainforest. Malua is an innovative example of a HoB green economy initiative that seeks to make the forests more valuable standing than cut down. Malua BioBank is featured in the WWF's HoB Investing in Nature for a Green Economy report.

Friends of the Malua BioBank