The Malua BioBank generates Biodiversity Conservation Certificates (BCCs). Each certificate represents 100 square meters of rehabilitation and protection of the Malua Forest Reserve.
The sale of Certificates makes the restoration and conservation of the Malua Forest Reserve commercially viable and therefore sustainable.

The structure of the Malua BioBank ensures reliable stewardship for the long term and has extensive support from government, environmental advocacy groups and the scientific community.

  • The Sabah Government has contractually agreed to implement the Conservation Management Plan and to be monitored by the Malua Trust
  • A Steering Committee composed of members of the Sabah Government and the Malua BioBank, reviews, approves and monitors the implementation and financial management of the Conservation Management Plan written in cooperation with the Sabah Forestry Department
  • An Advisory Committee, composed of local and international NGOs as well as scientific experts, provides independent scrutiny and oversight of BioBank management and technical guidance on conservation management
  • BCC sales contribute towards an endowment fund ensuring sustainable funding for management in the future
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